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C O N T A C T S  |  R I P – O F F ’S

Metal Noize s.r.l.

Corso Italia 22

20122 Milano


Rip-Off’s aim is to re-visite in a contemporary way the most famous classic sneakers. Based on a “no logo” concept, these shoes include streetwear elements trasformed in a pure luxury style. This makes Rip-Off’s a new design product made especially for sneakerheads that are constantly looking for the last shoes to show!

Established in the 80’s, this American shoe-brand has been resumed in 2008 in Italy by owner and designer Fabio Simone who transformed Rip-Off’s in a new sneakers concept. Fascinated by the American culture and influenced by the European fashion of that era, the Italian designer has created a product characterized by a contemporary and minimalistic style. These shoes are sporty, sophisticated, neat and elaborate bringing a new level to this sector.

The attention to detail on every piece highlights the quality of Rip-Off’s shoes.